Group Insurance Plan at retirement


You could be eligible for insurance when you're retired if you're a permanent employee over age 55 when you retire, and you participated in the group insurance program for at least 10 consecutive years immediately prior to your retirement.

If you’re retired for more than 72 hours and meet the above-mentioned requirements, you’re eligible for the retirees’ plan. Your retirement status for the purposes of the group insurance plan and your retirement start date will not be modified after that.

Before you retire

Just before you retire, you should get an estimate of the premiums you'll have to pay. To do so, contact Desjardins Insurance at 1-866-379-7952 or They'll send you a letter that lays out the costs.

Your life insurance coverage may be reduced when you retire. If it is, you can make up the difference by exercising your conversion privilege. This just means you con convert your group life insurance into individual life insurance, without having to provide evidence of insurability.

For help selecting the best product for your situation and your needs, you can take advantage of our insurance advisory services for Desjardins employees. Call 1-844-266-8381 to make an appointment.

For more information about coverage during retirement, read the Reference guide.

When you retire

One month before you retire, fill out a retirement notice and send it to Desjardins Insurance. Use this form if your retirement date is in 2019 and this form if your retirement date is in 2020.

Even you ask to be exempted from the health component because you've got coverage under your spouse's plan, you still have to sign up for the plan to get the life insurance.

For more information about your group insurance plan, visit Health is Cool 360° (accessible internally at Desjardins only).

You can also access Health is Cool 360° through the secure section of the Desjardins Insurance website.