Responsible investing

The Desjardins Group Retirement Committee (DGRC) believes it is important to foster sustainable development in order to promote stability and growth for decades to come. To that end, the DGRC promotes responsible investment which allows the Plan, along with Desjardins Group, to play a proactive role in environmental, social and governance challenges, including the fight against climate change.

After setting up a socially responsible investment policy in 2010 and strengthening shareholder engagement by adopting a voting rights policy in early 2014, the Desjardins Group Pension Plan (DGPP) reiterated its commitment to responsible investment by becoming a signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) in January 2018.

Report on 2017 voting activities

Pursuant to the DGPP voting rights policy in effect in 2017, external portfolio managers were given voting rights associated with the DGPP’s public shares. They had to exercise these rights in accordance with the rules set out in the policy. In 2017, the DGPP exercised its voting right at 1,920 shareholder meetings through its various management mandates. Below is a summary of voting activities. For more information, click on the name of a portfolio manager.

Canadian equity

 MeetingsProposals Instructions  Management
  ForAgainstAbstainNo vote WithAgainst
Jarislowsky Fraser29417 31840590 33523
Pyramis49632 6032630 6281
Connor, Clark 
& Lunn
27378 35314110 3634

Global equity

MeetingsProposalsInstructions Management
ForAgainstAbstainNo voteWithAgainst
Acadian4784 6283 8995086704 051507
Acadian EAFE1 07110 6248 8601 426153158 9791 330
Unigestion941 4388894527918917521
Baillie Gifford861 1571 026699201 08741

Voting rights management

From 2018, the services of an external firm were retained to manage voting rights in order to ensure rigorous enforcement of the voting rights policy.