The DGPP at work in the financial markets

​June 27, 2022

The Desjardins Group Pension Plan (DGPP) investment teams are constantly on the lookout for the best investment opportunities. We use different strategies to diversify the portfolio so it's able to weather various types of business cycles. By working with quality partners, we're creating value for you, the plan members.

In the first half of 2022, the DGPP concluded 11 new transactions worth more than $400 million:

Number of new transactions
Total value​Sectors
Main partners
Private equity: Health, technology and media, growth funds  
​Carlyle Group 
Vintage Investment Partners 
Silver Lake Partners 
Infrastructure: Renewable energy, transport, energy and utilities, communications
Connor, Clark & Lunn
Real estate: Residential 
​Realstar Group 
Madison Realty Capital 

The DGPP's commitments in private equity and real estate will be rolled out gradually over the next few years. This means the plan will benefit from lower valuations. The infrastructure investments will also help the DGPP make the most of stable assets that aren't exposed to the financial markets.

These new transactions are the result of the excellent work by all the teams in the Desjardins Group Pension Plan Division and other teams across our organization, particularly Desjardins Global Asset Management. Because of these collaborations, the plan will be able to deliver solid, long-term returns.

The DGPP is in good shape, despite the current volatility of the financial markets. This shows just how resilient our portfolio is and underlines that your defined benefit pension plan is strong enough to meet its commitments.

To learn more about how the DGPP manages its assets, please visit the DGPP website,, and check out the 2021 Annual Report. 

Sylvain Gareau 
Desjardins Group Pension Plan  

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