Making changes to my file

​Tax withholdings

You can submit a request to change the tax withholdings made to your monthly pension benefit from your secure file or by contacting the Member Services at 1 866 434-3166.

Direct deposit information
You can change the direct deposit information of your monthly pension benefit by sending your void cheque by email. Your name must appear on the cheque. It can also be sent by mail to the following address : 

Desjardins Insurance
LEV 200 - 4 - A
200 rue des Commandeurs
Lévis QC G6V 6R2

Register for the DGPP email service
You can register for the email service and receive all the communications sent each year by email. To register, you must send us an email.

Your email must include your name, telephone number and identification number that appear on the cover page of your DGPP Annual Statement. You can also confirm your email address by contacting the Member Services at 1 866 434-3166.

You can change your beneficiary by filling out the appropriate form. To do so, please visit the page Designate another beneficiary.