About the DGPP

The Desjardins Group Pension Plan ("DGPP" or "Plan") is a defined benefit pension plan for the purpose of providing you with lifetime retirement income, i.e. money you will receive throughout your lifetime.

To establish the amount of the DGPP pension you can expect to receive, several factors are considered, including the number of years you participate in the pension plan as well as the average of the highest salaries you earn during your career at Desjardins Group.

The DGPP is an important part of your total compensation and contributes to your financial security in retirement.

2020 highlights videos
Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, volatile markets and low interest rates, 2020 was, once again, an excellent year in terms of the Plan's performance and its financial position improvement.


The video above presents the highlights at year-end in the context of the Desjardins Group annual meetings' theme: Together for 120 years.


In the video above, Sylvain Gareau, vice president of the DGPP, reports on the financial performance of the Plan at the end of 2020.

The DGPP by the numbers as at December 31, 2020

Funding ratio
The Plan's ability to meet its obligation over the long term assuming its sustainability

A 5.3% year-over-year increase
Solvency ratio
The Plan's ability to meet its obligation if it were terminated

A 4.6% year-over-year increase
Net assets
4th largest Canadian private pension fund2 
Investment income
and changes in fair market value

10-year average return
$1.4B added value


Well beyond the 5.6% actuarial assumption

1.4% added value

41,648 Active
21,072 Retired
  9,048 Deferred

1 Updated in May 2021 following a retroactive revision of rates published by the Bank of Canada
2 Source : Benefits Canada (August 2020), Top 100 Pension Funds Report

2020 annual report

Additional information on the highlights of the past year concerning, among other things, governance, financial situation, returns, risk management and responsible investment initiatives.