About the DGPP

The Desjardins Group offers its employees an advantageous and competitive pension plan, contributing to their peace of mind.

The Desjardins Group Pension Plan ("DGPP" or "Plan") promises a retirement income that is protected from market volatility. Your pension amount is determined based on your highest career earnings and the number of years of participation to the DGPP, according to a pre-established formula.


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The Desjardins Group Pension Plan is robust, secure, present for its members and aims to be a leader in responsible investment.

The DGPP in numbers as at December 31, 2022

Our Plan management approach focuses on stabilizing and improving its financial health over the long term.


The Plan's ability to meet its obligations over the long term

For every $1 that the DGPP has promised in pension, the Plan has $1.19 in assets

Fully funded
for the 8th consecutive year

Our financial strategies are paying off: the Plan is resilient.


The Plan's ability to meet its obligations if it were terminated


Net assets
6th largest private Canadian pension fund1


We're here to keep you up to date and help you make informed decisions.


Plan members
50,000 active
23,000 retired
11,000 deferred


With the overall service experience


Responsible investing plays a key role in the Plan's asset mix.

Strong engagement

Strengthened governance for responsible investing, and more stringent expectations of our strategic partners


Investments in renewable energy infrastructure

Data as at December 31, 2022
1 Source : BenefitsCanada (June 2022) 2022 Top 100 Pension Funds Report

2022 Annual report

Additional information on the highlights of the past year concerning, among other things, governance, financial situation, returns, risk management and responsible investment initiatives.