Pension Plan Regulation

​​​​​​The French version of the Desjardins Group Pension Plan Regulation is the official document registered with the regulatory authorities. The provisions of the merged plans affect the members of the plans of businesses acquired by or merged with Desjardins.

The provisions affecting merged plans are described in the language used when they were registered. If you do not find the provisions of your previous plan, please see the French version of this site.

Text of the Plan Regulation

​  104 pages - 396 kb

Provisions of the Merged Plans

Supplementary Pension Plan for Executives of the Imperial Life​ Assurance Company of Canada

   29 pages - 59 kb

Retirement Benefit Plan for the Employees of Imbrook Properties Limited and Associated Company
   46 pages - 74 kb

The Pension Plan for the employees of Laurier Life Holdings Limited and its Associated Companies
   49 pages - 79 kb

Pension Plan for​ the Non-Sales Staff of Laurentian Financial Services inc.
   69 pages - 105 kb

The Imperial Life Staff Pension Fund
   73 pages - 129 kb