Annual meeting highlights

April 5, 2023 
The Desjardins Group Pension Plan (DGPP or Plan) annual meeting was held on March 23. During the meeting, the Desjardins Group Retirement Committee (DGRC) reported on the Plan administration and its excellent financial position. 

About 1,500 people attended the live webcast. During the meeting, participants had a chance to ask questions and submit comments. The Plan administrators answered the most frequently asked questions. Once again, members enjoyed the simplicity and the clarity of the explanations given by the speakers. 

Here's what some participants thought about the event: 
  • • Wow! Prepared speakers, a committed moderator, a great recipe! BRAVO and THANK YOU! 
  • • This is a great way to enrich my financial education. The panelists are good communicators, the information given is clear and at the right level. Fifty minutes well spent, thank you! 
  • • Brief but very clear information. The important elements are addressed without falling into very technical explanations. Optimal length of the meeting. Feeling that DGPP is well managed and secure for the future. 
For more information about your pension plan, watch the playback of the annual meeting

Jolyane S. Pelletier 
Manager, Plan Member Services 
Desjardins Group Pension Plan 

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