DGPP Division

The Desjardins Group Retirement Committee has delegated some responsibilities pertaining to strategic planning, risk management, regulatory compliance, internal auditing, financial reporting, asset and liability management and operations management to the Desjardins Group Pension Plan Division (DGPP Division).

Liability management, asset allocation and risk
Ensures the Plan's overall financial health by developing the asset allocation strategy and action plans and by identifying and managing risks impacting the DGPP.

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Investment management
Implements the investment plan strategy and tracks the investments under its responsibility as well as the DGPP's financial performance.

Governance and legal affairs
Provides guidance and advice on legal, taxation, compliance and governance matters impacting operations and activities (e.g., investment transactions).

Carries out various activities related to finance management, accounting and financial disclosure, while administering and supporting the management information system.

Member services
Addresses Plan members and employers' enquiries, provides training on preparing for retirement and offers other presentations when requested by employers.