Concrete steps to support the growth of the Plan


The Desjardins Group Pension Plan (“DGPP” or the “Plan”) is a solid and soundly managed plan. With the goal of always doing what’s best for our Plan members, we began 2021 by implementing our new strategic plan

The strategic plan has received the support of the Desjardins Group Retirement Committee and Desjardins’s senior management. It was designed to support the rapid growth of the pension fund and overcome the challenges ahead. To help us, we have recently introduced a new organizational structure, split into 3 administrative departments equipped to support the development and financial complexity of the pension fund

  • The Operations Administrative Department, under François Hudon, oversees all the operations for the pension plans to improve and simplify day-to-day management: risk management, asset allocation, Plan member services, performance measures, financial management and investment support.

    The Legal Affairs, Governance and Responsible Investment Administrative Department, under Patrick Chillis, has expanded to respond to a growing demand, due largely to the increased complexity of investment transactions, to reinforce our sound governance practices and to maintain our role as a leader in
    environmental, social and governance issues and responsible investing practices among private pension plans.

    The Investments Administrative Department, under Frédéric Godbout, who will be joining us soon, manages all the teams overseeing investments across all the asset classes in our overall portfolio. This allows us to better monitor controls, policies and investment processes

These changes have been an opportunity for a number of employees, who have moved up within our division. New employees have been hired and we’re planning to welcome even more people soon.

The strategic plan, implemented through 2021 and 2022, will help us manage growth and will help our team acquire the materials, logistics resources and human resources that will contribute to the success of the DGPP and safeguard our Plan members’ financial security

Sylvain Gareau
Desjardins Group Pension Plan

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