Eligible for the DGPP

​​Desjardins Group Pension Plan (DGPP)

One of the following situations will apply to you:

  • You have just become eligible for the Desjardins Group Pension Plan (DGPP).
  • You were already eligible but are not currently a DGPP member and now you would like to or must join.

Here are the eligibility criteria:

  • Age
    •  ​Employee aged 25 up to 65 years old: mandatory membership
    • Employee under the age of 25 or 65 and over: optional membership
  • ​Employment status
    • ​ ​​Full-time and part-time employees (14 hours or more per week): immediate membership.
    • Part-time employees at less than 14 hours per week, and temporary or casual employees: membership starting the following January 1, if the employee was employed by one or more Desjardins Group employers at least 700 hours or has received remuneration of at least 35% of the yearly maximum pensionable earnings (YMPE) during the previous calendar year.​ 

    When you become eligible, the Participation in the Desjardins Group Pension Plan (pdf - 67 kb) form must be filled out. If you are under the age of 25 or 65 and over, your participation is optional. You must therefore complete part B of the form to inform your employer of your desire to participate or not in the DGPP. You must also name your beneficiary on the form. However, note that the Quebec Supplemental Pension Plans Act stipulates that, at the time of death, the member’s spouse has priority over any other beneficiary, unless the spouse has waived that right. The form must be kept indefinitely in your file by your employer.

    Employees assume 35% of the cost of the plan while the employer undertakes 65%.

    The employee’s contribution rate is 6.90% of the members’ salary up to 65% of the YMPE and 10.30% of the surplus.

    Sample contributions for 2020 (detailed calculation example):

    *Maximum contributory salary in 2020, which varies from year to year.