I'm leaving my job

When you quit your job at Desjardins, your active participation to the Desjardins Group Pension Plan (DGPP) stops. You do not need to notify us.

A benefits statement is automatically produced and is sent via mail about eight weeks past your termination of employment. This document presents you the options available. You must make a choice, fill the required documents, and return them to us within 90 days.

Offered options

The offered options depend on your acquired pension value compared to the Maximum Pensionable Earnings (MPE), on your age and on your province of employment when your employment ends.

Here are the offered options in the following situations:

Rehired in the Desjardins Group

If your active participation to the DGPP ends and you become a participant again in the following 6 months, the years of service and the salaries from your previous participation will be considered in the calculation of your pension amount. In order to do so, the associated rights to this past participation must not have been transferred outside the pension plan in the meantime. If, however, you return as an active participant to the DGPP more than 6 months after the end of your previous participation, you will be considered as a new participant to the DGPP and as such will start a new participation.