Gradual retirement

​​If your employer agrees, you could make a gradual transition into retirement by reducing your number of working hours.

Signing a gradual retirement agreement
If you're 55 or over and would like to reduce your number of working hours, signing a gradual retirement agreement would provide you with the 3 following benefits.

To be eligible for gradual retirement, you must: 
• Be 55 or over and under 71
• Sign a gradual retirement agreement with your employer 
• Reduce your number of working hours
• Have a target retirement date

Participating in the DGPP during gradual retirement
Your participation in the DGPP during gradual retirement is based on your new work schedule, under the same conditions as part-time employees. Therefore, you contribute to the DGPP according to your contributory earnings. The pension you accumulate will be prorated from your annual income and the number of hours worked (years of service credited).

Documents on gradual retirement
• Gradual retirement agreement template
​• Amendment to the gradual retirement agreement​
​• Application for pension advance from DGPP (Quebec members only)